Knitted at an Olympic pace!

The Olympic games are all over. Now what are we going to watch on TV? Back to Netflix, I guess.

I ended up making three projects for the Ravellenic Games. First was the Spruce Hat. That only took a day or two. Hats are fast.

All Spruced Up - Completed

Then, faster than I ever thought possible, I made a sweater. It’s lacy, so you can’t wear it without a tee or camisole underneath.



It looks like seaweed. I still like it. The fit is good and I have a few things it will match with well.

Since the sweater didn’t take very long to make my husband asked if I could make him some socks before the games were over. I used Rowan Cotton Glace to make him some Olympic slippers.

Olympic Booties

Red, white, and blue with gold Olympic rings.

And that’s the games! Here are my trophies!

Last weekend was also the Fiber Arts Fest here in Fargo. There were sheep this year! I was pretty much there for the shopping, though. I got two skeins of Corny Goodness 100% Corn Fingering and a skein of Sweet Georgia BFL Sock.

Corny Goodness
Corny Goodness

Sweet Georgia

Sock Knitters Anonymous posted the new list of monthly challenges so I’ve been plotting some serious sock knitting. Shockingly my sock yarn stash was getting low, but it’s getting refilled now!